Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do you want a Free Tag?

Hi everyone we are giving away two free tags, from our Happy Tag collection.

To enter the contest post a comment on our blog below, the lucky winner will be announced on June 30th!

Good Luck!  

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OMG! YES I want to win a tag! I've been DYING to get one but we just moved so I'm too poor! :-P This is so cool of you!

We would love to win a free tag!
My girls loved their tags but unfortunately we lost one on a walk one day.

We'd LOVE to win a free tag! They're so awesome and unique! I've wanted to order a pair for my 2 pups, but sadly, I'm jobless at the moment and I'm flat broke... :/

thanks for the giveaway!

i could use this for either one of my dogs or my cat!

ecodog at live dot com

Oh my goodness! Love the "mixed tape" style tag! Too cute!

Thanks for hosting!


Love the Mario Bro's Red Mushroom!

I would love to win this.

katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

Just got a new puppy today and would LOVE to have a tag for her and my 2 little dogs :) winning 2 of the 3 i need would definitely save me a little money lol found your post on craigslist...your tags are ABSOLUTLEY ADORABLE!!! will DEFINITELY be ordering soon :)

oh sorry, please contact me via yahoo if i happen to win...i don't really know much about my google account so i don't really use it my names jessica :) thanks!

i just got a puppy so it would ROCK if i won :)

My dog has a sweet tooth so the cupcake design is perfect, woof woof!


Your tags are amazing!!
Thanks for the giveaway!!


cool! they are so pretty, i want one! enter me pls =)

punkme15 at gmail dot com

Free! My favorite 4-letter word! Thanks for the opportunity!

They are adorable! I would love to win one!

I would really love to win this!


Your tags are amazing!! Love! <3

Would love to win one for our new peekingese puppy,Zoe.

Love Happy Tags, so dang cute! I wish I could afford them for my 7 dogs and 4 cats... Guess I better get a 2nd job;)

Our dogs will be forever GRATEFUL! Thanks

Torrey and Roxy could really use a new, fun, and stylish tag.

Great Giveaway!! Chloe would love a new tag!!

Stopping by from

I would love to win a tag for my new puppy! These are the best :D


would love a tag!
My girl's is getting kinda rough looking.

Awesome! Just bought two Happy Tags for my dogs and I'd love to win one for my kitty!

Thanks for contacting me. Your tags are great fun, Aimee! Our Lucy dog would love one for her charm collection. She's our 10 year old black lab rescue and as of this year, a cancer survivor too. See her on my pet blog at:

i wan to have a free tag also.

thanks for the giveaway
gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

Thank you for this opportunity! Cute tags, I would like to win! :)


I would love to win. They are so cute. Just found you from twitter.

I would love to win a tag! So cute!

We would love to win one of your adorable tags! My puppy would LOVE to show his daddy his new tag when he comes home from Afghanistan in September :] you guys make the cutest tag! thank you so much for this opportunity!

LOVE the tags! So happy to see a great place to get quality tags! : )

Love the tags my little ones would rock those out to all of our doggie friend's and all of two event we go too so cute

Your tags are just adorable ! I know my puppy would love to wear one !

thwy are so cute! i want one!!!



Me and my bosten <3 happy tags. She would love a new!

I love your tags! Would love to win a new one!

Your tags are lovely! It would be great to win one since we just moved and Lylia's current tag is wearing off. Unfortunately, we can't spend extra money right now. Congrats to whoever wins!
-Meghan Riegler

I got adopted two new kitties and would LOVE to get a new tag for the both of them!

Winning a happy tag would be just pawfect!!

Oohhh, I would love to win one for my English wifey Keely - she is a beautiful golden labby and one of these purty tags would look even lovelier on her collar *tailwags* Thank you !

Would love to dog lost his tag last week...and he looked so cute wearing it...

I would ♥ to win a HAPPY TAG!!!

I would love to win one of your tags. You have such an awesome selection. Thank you for the giveaway.


I love our happy tag!! Thanks for a chance to win!!

I would love to win one!

I would love to win a tag!! My cats look so great with your tags on them!

I'd love to win a tag. My cat hasn't had one since I got her! She needs one.

I wanna win! My mini dachsie would love one!

My 11yr old rescue Bodie would LOVE to win a new tag!!!

I would love to win a new tag!!! LOVE your styles!!

I bought a couple of tags a while back... but just moved... so I need some new ones!! I would love to win a new tag so my pets can still look cool! They are sooo cute!!

Winslow the Welsh would LOVE Aimee to make him a new tag. He didn't mean to, but the last one we bought from you, well... got eaten as an afternoon snack. I told him, just because it looks so good doesn't mean we eat it or that it will taste good. Lesson learned. Another one? =) Congrats on your growing business... you guys rock!

Yes please!! I would love to get one for my cat to match my dog!

Our most Awesome Doggy would love to wear one of your tags and I would love to win one for her.
administrator@beltaniacharms dot com

We want a free tag. Our sweet dog, Franny, has a cupcake Happy Tag, but she really wants a new cassette tape tag for her 1-year adoption day coming up in July!

I would love to win the tag! Thanks for hosting!:)

I would love, love, love a free tag!! I bought one of your cupcake tags for one of my pups and people always ask me where I bought this super-cute dog tag and I always refer them to you and tell them that you have many styles and original designs! I would love another tag for my other pup and I can do more advertising for you!!!

We wouls love to win! Finley lost his super cute Happy Tag while on a walk last week and we haven't had a chance to order a new one yet!! :)

I would love to win a Happy Tag for my beautiful dog Mirabella.

I would love to win a Happy Tag!! My Morkie loves the one she has now!!!

I have oodles of pets who NEED a cute tag.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

My sister and my brother both have beautiful tags that you made for them and frankly I am jealous. I deserve a Happy Tag and REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win!

Nuka Angel Marie,
Another White Dog in The White Dog Army

LOVE LOVE LOVE these happy tags! We are always getting compliments as they really stand out over other tags. My sister just moved and I'd love to win one for her as a house-warming gift for the kitties.

Thanks Aimee for the opportunity to win a free tag!

I would LOVE to win a free tag for my puppy, Cupcake! She lost her cupcake tag so she needs a new one and it's pretty difficult to find a cute cupcake tag! Thanks for the opportunity :)

We love our current Happy Tag but would love another "updated" one. Pinkie, our black lab, doesn't go any where without her "pink" tag and gets many comments on its "cool" design!

Yes I want a free I.D. tag!!!

How fun! I'd love a free tag--thanks for the generosity.

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

Super Yayness, I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it dear.

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me and everyone :)


Would love to two free tags. My two lovely Schnauzers and Chihuahua already sport lovely tags made by you, but there are two fosters that I took in a while back (adopted now) who I'd love to share this with.

Best of luck to everyone.

I love the idea of personalised cupcake tags. Sweet!

I would love to win a tag! they are so cute, I get compliments on the one I bought all the time. So, yeah it would be cool to win & be even more of a walking billboard for advertisement for you guys! =)

I wanna win a free tag!! Gigi loves her original tag but her birthday is next month and she was hoping for some new bling. :)

Thanks for the giveaway!

mrs.marcus2 at yahoo dot com

Following your blog! (ksyshenka)

I adore these lovely tags! Please enter me in!
Thank you for the chance!


so cute!

Thanks for the giveaway!! Congrats on the unique design of the pet tags.

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