Adorable Kitten Snuggling Toy

Check out this adorable kitten, snuggling her toy, isn't she cute?

Spring Pet Name Ideas

Here are some great spring themed pet name ideas for your dog or cat.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Order Time Frame

I am so happy and  relieved to say as of today we are all caught up YAY!  Orders are now going to be back to the regularly scheduled 1 week or less turn around.  How cool is that?

I am super excited to get back to a normal schedule with less stress!

Time to CELEBRATE woot woot!

Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Make an Interactive Dog Toy

I tried this with Neo, he chased the container under the couch where he proceeded to stick his butt up in the air and his head under the couch making all of us laugh at his crazy antics.

He eventually took the lid off, I swear hes smarter than an octopus!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I want to introduce you to my side kick & inspiration for my dog tags, the most amazing dog in the world Neo.

Once Upon A Time in a land not far from here known as Roseville, California, lived an amazing woman who saved cats & dogs from shelters.  She worked for a organization called SIAR (Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers).

One day in February she adopted a tiny black dog from the shelter that was very small.  The next day to her surprise she had a litter of 8 fat and healthy pups, one of those pups was Neo.
To make a very long story short, he found me and was not going to let me leave with out him (he brought me his leash, and when I tried to leave he ran to the door and pawed at it, who could say no?)  soo I  adopted him, enough words, here are some pictures of the cutest dog in the world!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Purple People Eater Treasury

What a wonderful surprise, I am so happy and honored that we were included in the following treasury, what a beautiful purple collection.  Click here to view the treasury or visit the direct link at: 

The Story of Booger

Once upon a time ... in the magical land of Slot Machines and Keno (Las Vegas) there was a homeless Dachshund walking around town.  On a chance encounter he met my Auntie Clara on  her way to Mass, she said to him "Go Away" but he happily trotted along side her wagging his tail.

On her way back home he followed her to her house, my uncle Ray who was an ornery old man said "what you got there" my aunt replied "This dog followed me to mass and back, I told him to go away but he will not" my uncle looked at the dog and said "Well you got yourself a Booger" and that was it Booger had a name and a home.

They loved Booger so much that when my sister & I met him his belly was almost dragging on the ground from his leftover Bacon diet.  My aunt would give him the scraps of all their meals, and when we went to dinner, there was always a doggy bag for Booger.

As time went by Booger got older and he past away, my Aunt had him cremated and later that summer while helping her with yard work, we held a little ceremony and we buried him by his favorite tree stump.

In honor BOOGER I have made the Booger tag, I think the green would have been perfect against his chocolate colored fur & It reminds me of a once sweet angel of a dog, hope you all like it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

How To Raise the Perfect Dog

Thought I would share this video with all of you, were watching this episode right now and getting a kick out of the cute pups!

In this video Caesar goes to a breeder, pet over population is a huge problem, if your looking for a new pup we recommend you try rescue as your first option, all our pets are all rescue and they are wonderful!!  A good resource for Pit Bulls is they are dedicated to raising Pit Bulls the right way, another resource is so check them out before you go to a breeder.

Some of the training methods that Caesar uses may not be ideal for every dog, I suggest when training your dog you visit someone with experience in training they can point you in the right direction:

Here is a link an amazing pet sitter & trainer:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Tags New Online Store

I am so happy to announce that we have opened up our own shop on-line we NOW have a REAL website!  Check it out at:

Were having a weekend SALE yay a few selected items are on sale on top of that 20% off to all my peeps using coupon code:  HAPPYWEEKEND

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Get a Custom Portrait of Your Dog!

Our Favorite Pet Sitter Pawsitive Attention Pet Services had some big news today about a Great deal on custom Pet portraits, $70 ONLY this is a really good deal, they are normally $250-$275 proceeds go to a wonderful rescue program, check out all the details here on Pawsitive Attention Pet Services Blog:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Animals Inside

Having a pet is similar to having a child, and as with a child we all have a responsibility to keep them safe.

This is why when a pet loving friend pointed out to me that I needed an Emergency sticker on my window in case of fire, that I immediately took action.  She pointed me to a web address online where I could get a Free Pet Safety Pack and I jumped on the internet and filled out the forms, a few days later a Pet Safety Pack arrived and now I have a lovely sticker on my front door window that says "ANIMALS INSIDE" In case of fire or emergency, I love it.  

In our busy lives sometimes it is hard to take time out and check for the important safety things that our loved ones will need in case of an emergency, I thank my sweet friend for pointing this out to me, and now I am sharing this important information with you.  

What is your emergency plan for your pet?  Do you have Fire or Emergency sticker placed on a window in the home?  

If not here is the link to the Free Pet Safety Pack:

Welcome to our Official Blog

Welcome to the NEW Happy Tags Official Blog.  Things are happening so fast with my business that I have started this blog to keep all up-to-date.  I will still be participating in Sugar-Sisters Blog but the focus will always be the business end of crafting, featuring wonderful artist, and our life and our adventures during the 3-day walk, yippee.  This blog will feature what is up with Happy Tags and what is up in the animal world, and I hope to feature rescues :) and their pups.  

I have thought about this for sometime, having two blogs will be quite the adventure but I am certain that this is the right thing to do, Happy Tags official website is opening up soon once the design is complete I would love to have a blog to link to, so here it is yay!

We have a few exciting things in the works but I am not telling sooo.....So stay tuned peeps!

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