Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dog Balancing Treats on His Nose

I just love these videos this dog has some serious patience, and is trained very well. I guess he understands the reward at the end of the trick is worth all the hard work.

Enjoy the videos.


Incredible! I have never seen these before !!! Very impressive!

Awesome! Even me can't do that, your dog is very well-trained. Hands down!

That was one smart dog. I'm gonna rate this as cool.

The dog was well trained well by his master. This just proves that dogs are the smartest pet we can ever have.

Amazing. Very patient dog, some people can't even balance like that.

Amazing dog. Good job to his trainer for his patience to train his pet with unique tricks.

Your dog must be the most patient dog in the world. My dog would take your hand off as well as the treat :P While you were putting it on the dogs nose! Maybe a slight exaggeration but still amazing and talented pet

He's very patient, I hope I can train my dog like this. Every time she a food, she starts rampaging lol.

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