Tuesday, October 11, 2011

dog playing piano and singing

I am speechless, this dog is playing the piano and singing, too adorable.


That was a talented dog indeed. Anyway, Happy Tags the links here are no follow. I have here my SEOquake plugin and the links in your comments are no follow.

Hi Allen -- Try to run SEO Quake again this is a Do Follow blog.

Lol. Very talented dog, I saw something like this also in youtube (husky). I wanna know how they trained them, I might teach my dog how to sing too. :D

@Aimee - Do follow link confirmed. The links are now Do Follow. Thanks for making this blog do follow. I'm actually a regular visitor here.

Absolutely hilarous!! The dog sings with his soul =)

Hey, I've heard something similar like this before. Somewhere from my neighborhood. And I can't put myself to sleep :S

Me too, I can't sleep well especially when she started singing at midnight lol.

That was awesome! May be I can teach my dog too on how to sing using a guitar perhaps? I wonder how would it look like.

Thanks for making me laugh Schnoodle. You are better than my neighbors. Keep on practicing but not every night. You''ll get punished by your owner.

I saw this video on other sites too. This Schnoodle is smart. I wonder how did the owner trained the dog.

This is too good. Thanks for the great post and sharing this video of the dog playing piano!

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