Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pet Collar & Tag Giveaway

Our giveaway this month is very exciting because we are giving away a free collar and a pet tag!  The collar is from our good friends at Big Paw Collars and the tag is from our Happy Tag collection

The winner will be able to choose any design collar & any design pet tag from our shops.  To enter the contest post a comment on our blog telling us your favorite tag & collar combination.

The lucky winner will be selected randomly trough random.org and announced on March 27, 2012.

Please make sure to bookmark our blog so you can see if you have won. Good Luck Everyone. 


We would love to win one of your tags (although I suspect I will order some for the boys anyway because they are so adorable!) and we think your contest rocks. We sent one of your tags as a present to our favorite Basset Hound, Beau, and it has never worn out! Great products :) Thank you!

I have 4 tags ordered and can't wait to see them. I have seen others I want, so I will be saving to try and get them. There are some awesome designs, so winning one would be great!

Currently have two tags on order, can't wait to receive them! Just love your product...

My 2 boys would love to have one of your awsome tags and a new collar!!

We love your tags, my mini doxien Noodle would look great in a new one! (She chewed her other one)

I would love a chance at a new Happy Tag since my girl is about to turn 1 year old this month!!

these are so cute. our favorite combo is pink penguin (tag) and yellow splash of sunshine (collar). hope we win!!! we heart you guys.

Cutest tags I have EVER seen! Would love to win one for my little Coconut!!!��

we LOVE LOVE LOVE your adorable & sturdy tags, & would be most happy to show off a new one for you!! i get comments at the dog park all the time because Happy Tags are so visible & easily read!!

i think thepink plaid with the pink and brown "coco" pet id tag, or maybr the white shamrock?

I like the periwinkle floral collar and the pink flip flop tag!

I would love to win!!! My favorite tag is the white heart pet id tag..and my favorite collar is the dog collar purple jewel garden one!!!

So far I only have "useful" tags for Elka (well....and a bottle opener). Some fun tags would be awesome!

I would pick the blue 1980's retro cassette tape tag with the Gabry collar (though I'd prefer metal hardware to the plastic buckle).

Thanks for the lovely giveaway. My favorite picks:-

(1) Black and Tan Plaid Collar


(2) Tan Plaid Tag



Pick us, pick us ((:
Your tags and collars are the absolute cutesttt!
Our baby rescue (dog), Cedar, loves the Strawflowers collar with the orange design pet id tag. Fingers & paws crossed!!!

I have a two-month spaniel, and i usually change his collars. Probably, you can advice some online shopping service in UK. Thanks!

I like the Red Strawberry Pet Id Tag
lusizova at gmail.com

My fluffy black pup would look glorious in the black forest cherry collar with the red dog bone tag. Both my boys already have Happy Tags and they get lots of compliments on them.

we just love the pink zebra print tag and black and white kendra collar combo! we love happy tags!

anne-marie (human) and penny (queen bee)

Wow! These collars are super cute! They will look great with your tags! :)

Wow it just took me a half hour to come up with my 2 favorites..I got lost because I love ALL the collars AND tags! Not to mention I have a male and female dog, so all would work for either of them. I'd have to say for my male, though, that he would look great with the Valentine Collar & Bow Tie-Red Swirl and the Blue Zebra Print Cupcake pet ID tag. Been meaning to get him a tag and winning one would mean the world to us. Thank you!

I would choose the Military Airplanes Dog Collar and the Black Dog Bone Shape tag.

urchiken at gmail dot com

I'll keep it simple:
The Black And Tan Plaid collar

and Tan Plaid Tag


I would be so happy to be chosen for this give-away. My service dog which is a st. bernard/great pyr mix and came from big paws st. bernards has always dreamed of having a fancy collar from her first Mom Kathy! We have never been able to afford the fancy dud's for her! The tags at Happy tags are so cute and just awesome. I do not know how to say more then please pick us! We would just be so gratful. We already refer people to both places for tags as our local pet store has tags but they do not hold up! And no one beats the adorable collars then the collars that big paws has! We look forward to being contacted that we won!!!!!!!!! =-) Isabelle would LOVE a heart shaped pink leopard print tag to go with what my daughter and Isabelle picked out the skull and crossbones collar with pink for a girl dog!!! Thanks again for considering us! ekleincakleincon@aol.com

I personally like the skull and bones with the pink tag above. Great design

Both my dogs, Maggie and Hendrix, love Happy Tags! Can't wait to add to our collection!

Our girls, Sophie and Gracie, look amazing with their tags! I can't wait to order more!

Christina - xristya@rock.com - I like the Red Swirls Dog Collar and the Red Dog Bone Pet ID for my beautiful and intelligent Birdie!

So ridiculously cute!! LOVE it!!

megnate at telus dot net

I love the Charlotte Garden collar with the Green Bone tag and the Summer Breeze collar with the Pink Dog Bone tag. Love all the colors!

I like the Pink Cupcake Pet Id Tag with the
Breakaway Cat Collar.....My Little Cupcake Cat Collar.....White Cotton.


I would love to win a tag for my dog Benji it is also my birthday
susand1408 at googlemail dot com

I love the yellow "party time" collar, maybe with a blue bone tag?
This is awesome. Thanks for the giveaways!


Ooooo, I would love a new collar and tag for Torrey. I was just thinking that today actully.

Oooh, our Jacques needs a new tag that says DON'T FEED ME, PLEASE! (He's on a new diet, LOL).

I love, love, love the Skull and Crossbones collar - especially with the Pink and White Gingham Skull collar flower! That, paired with a black, pink, or black AND pink bone-shaped Happy Tag would be the best! (Can you tell I live black and pink??? LOL)

As soon as I was the skull collar with the pink I knew it would be perfect! My favorite color is pink and my dog Essy loves getting dolled up w cool collars. I love the skull w the pink bone tag!

As soon as I "saw" not was... darn touch phone :)

I just realized you have a blog. I have been eyeballing your collars and am following on twitter. It would be awesome to win but if I don't it's alright I am still thinking about making a purchase soon. I think the candy sprinkles collar would look cute with the pink penguin ID tag or with the pink colorful ID tag.

I just got a new puppy and would love to doll her up in one of these! My faves are the pink plaid collar with the black flip flop tag! Thanks!

I feel like I just hit the jackpot, coming across your tags and collars from BigPawCollars! Cool cool stuff! Izzy, my cream Frenchie, would look adorable in the hot pink, light pink, orange and yellow argyle collar with the super cute pink penguin ID tag. This was NOT an easy decision to make, by the way! Too many cute combos are possible! Thanks for making such fun products for dogs! -Juli

I like the bowtie collar in combination with the black bone name tag! Klondike will be looking classy :).
Kaitlyn L.

I like the blue plaid collar with a blue bone tag. My Charley would just look so handsome with that! I can see it now....

love the zebra and black tag combo! Would look good on my Frenchie boy :)

I like the green argyle, would be cute with a white bone tag. What a fun giveaway!!! My dog would love an upgrade!

Eco Stylish Pets offers dog collars, dog clothes, dog beds, dog treats, dog carriers and dog toys made from organic, natural, renewable and recycled materials.

My favorite combo (hard to narrow down......so many cute ones!!!) is the candy sprinkles collar with the mint green bone tag! So adorable! :)

I would love the skull & bones with the pink tag for my angel! It describes her so well! she is a fiesty little jack russell that thinks shes a rottweiller!!!love it!
shannon aldridge
shanz98@hotmail.co.uk - email

We would LOVE to win one of your tags/collars! We do a lot of fundraising raffle baskets with proceeds going to pit bull shelters and these tags/collars would be a PERFECT addition to our baskets!

(Bella and Reed wouldn't mind one either!)

Melissa Mariner, Founder Bella-Reed Pit Bull Network

Advocating for pit bulls one post at a time....

love the zebra and black tag combo

The Executive in Red Houndstooth Dog Collar with Red Dog Bone Pet Id Tag.
Melissa at melsdaisypatch at gmail dot com

My dog Addison would look great in the Summer Bailey collar and black and cream tag.

My kitty would love the kitty talk collars and the blue cupcake tag.

My favorite is the peeps collar!!! It is so adorable! I LOVE the Mario themed tags! My twins will be getting some asap!

I LOVE the cow print tag (I have an obsession with cows) and the white animal print dog tag

ninamcclain93 at gmail dot com

I would love this for my pup! She would look adorable!!


I just placed an order - love these! They are so unique! We are very excited to get our 1st order!

I love the cassette tape tag!

I would love to win a tag! I just heard about the company today, and i am in love with your tags!! Both my dogs would look stylish in them haha. I shared with all my other animal friends too! Thanks for making awesome tags for our fur-kids.

I'd love to have the Cow Print Dog Collar The Elsie Wisconsin Cow Collar Black Hardware and the black dog bone tag. For my black and white spotted cocker spaniel no less.

Great giveaway! Love all your tags!

I'd choose the red & black houndstooth collar and the black penguin tag

I LOVE the pink & black bone tag and the black/white/pink skull & crossbones collar! That would look great on my baby girl...too cute!

I like the Favorite the
Duckie Dog Collar - The Rubber Duckie Collar and the Blue Bone Pet Id Tag

Coco and I want to win the heart shaped tag and the valentines collar with the mini hearts on it. We want to donate them to Have A Heart Rescue.

Okay, this was a hard decision! I have two Labrador Retrievers, a boy and a girl! For my girl, Noel, I would choose the Argyle collar with pink, orange, and yellow paired with the Pink Butterfly happy tag. For my boy, Nicholas, I would choose the blue collar with yellow ducks paired with the Blue Penguin happy tag :) fingers crossed that we win and I can get one of my pooches a nice new collar and tag set! Thanks for setting up stuff like this, it's really awesome! lia.gordon@yahoo.com. You can also look me up under Lia Gordon on FB :)

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