Friday, October 22, 2010

Neo's Love Affair with the Sun Woof!

Neo recently learned that he can stick his head out the sun roof, it is soooooo cute, we jokingly call it his Sun Woof (yes were crazy like that)!  

As luck has it.... he got an eye infection from sticking his head out of the Sun Woof too much, my poor pup.  I have never EVER had a dog get an eye infection, but I never EVER have had a dog that liked to stick his head out of a sun roof, the vet says it's not good and it's pretty common that they get infections if they stick their heads out the window.  He will survive and get better and the infection has not slowed him down at all hes still his happy puppy self.

Since we know he loves using his beloved "Sun Woof",  were looking for some eye protectors he can use (we do prefer him safe in his seat belt most of the time for safety reasons. Hey he is our baby!)  

BUT.....right now were online looking at some Doggles & some K9 optix both are SUPER CUTE!  If anyone has experience with these please let me know, I would love some feedback before we buy.


Ha ha! You should definitely go buy those optix, I'm pretty sure it would fit in your baby. I just don't know if he/she will remove it.

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