Monday, October 25, 2010

World Go Vegan Week

I am happy to announce it is World Go Vegan Week, yay happy dance! Here at Happy Tags we support any attempt to bring attention to a more compassionate diet. We love animals, so we don't eat them! If you have always been curious about a vegan diet, why not try to be Vegan for a week, it's guaranteed to make you feel cruelty free & totally healthy!

For more information on World Go Vegan Week visit their website at:

If you are in the Sacramento Area why not try out Sugar Plum Vegan on 23rd and K? Approved & loved by my meat eating boyfriend, this place makes the most delicious food! Remember to bring cash, they don't accept "Big Bank" credit cards!

If you decide to go Vegan for a week, here is my favorite collection of yummy free recipe sites:

Veg Web
Fat Free Vegan

Enjoy World Go Vegan Week!!


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