Saturday, April 21, 2012

The California Pet Lover's License Plate-- AB 610

We got an email today that I want to share with all of our pet loving friends.  This information about AB 610.

The California Pet Lover's License Plate ( will provide large scale funding for spay & neuter programs.

Current law states that in order to get a DMV specialty license plate into production a non-profit must have:
  • 7,500 pre-orders and
  • A sponsoring state agency (the Veterinary Medical Board).
To date, the Pet Lover's Plate program has over 4,500 pre-orders and over $278,000 already gathered in the pre-order process. The existing deadline for sales expires on June 9, 2012; AB 610 will grant a one-year extension and will allow continued pre-order sales for these much needed local spay and neuter programs.  
Once the California Pet Lover's License Plate program is in place, the money raised will fund urgently needed low and no-cost spay and neuter surgeries in cities and counties throughout California. It is a sustainable funding mechanism for local governments at no cost to the government and taxpayers. And, it will save the government money as less unwanted animals will be born awaiting euthanasia in our shelters.

AB 610 just cleared the Senate with a vote of 38-0 and the Assembly 71-0. It is now on its way to the Governor where he will have 12 days to sign or veto the bill. 

The unanimous vote that AB 610 received in both the California Assembly and Senate does not in any way indicate that the bill is going to be signed by Governor Brown. In fact, Governor Brown has historically vetoed many bills, including animal friendly bills.

If you feel that this issue is important to you, please consider voicing your support of the Pet Lover's License Plate time extension through AB 610 to Governor Brown.

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Or email your support through Governor Brown’s Website at:


Just sent Gov Brown an email and passed your post along!

Wow I like that! I'm in the process of renewing my california dmv registration and will surely check that out one of these days. I hope it's available there. Cheers!

This is perfect for animal lovers like me. And it's encouraging to know that proceeds will be for a good cause. I hope many pet and car lovers support this advocacy.

As an animal lover and a resident of California, I'm looking forward to get one of the specialty plates. Hopefully, I'll be able to share funds for the spay and neuter program.

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As a animal lover, I'm looking forward to get one of the specialty plate (AB 610). Hopefully, I'll be able to share funds for the spay and neuter program.

This is an interesting design for a plate number. Is this possible to do? Because if it is, then I might actually have my face printed in my plate number! Hoping to get my car next week after purchasing it today since they provide loans for a car service.

I like the idea of having a design on your plate number. Plate number seems pretty dull and boring when it just have numbers on it. It would be interesting if all the place numbers of the ford in Bolton will have variety of designs. It might actually give them an edge over their competitors.

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