Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Giveaway: Win A Free Happy Tags Pet Identification


We are giving away a free pet tag, from our Happy Tag collection.

To enter the contest post a comment on this blog, the lucky winner will be selected randomly trough and announced on January 25, 2012.

Please make sure to bookmark our blog so you can see if you have won.

Good Luck Everyone.


How nice, a giveaway! The "Sweets" tag shown is very cute! Thank you for offering a giveaway, it is much appreciated! :)

I love the elegant color combination of this cupcake design. Thanks for the giveaway.


That's a beautiful tag. My doggie would just love that.

May your New Years be splendid and all your dreams come true at 12:00am Jan. 1, 2012!

Hope you guys had a great 2011! See you next year :)

pick me pleeaase :)

My cat, Story says she wants a name tag!

count us in!
would love to get a blue bone for my boy Gambit some day :)

The Pink Butterfly tag is my fave... but the candy cane stripped tag is call to me as well.

Hope we win!! My sweet Morkie has had her tag FOREVER! She needs a new one :)

I'd love to win! My 'lil Scottie has been sad since losing the tag she had..'specially when her 'lil Mini Schnazuer brother still has his!

Very snazzy tag! My diva of a dog, Raven, would love it! it would match her pink doggie bone collar:)

Pick me, pick me *waves paw, wags tail*


I wanna win this for my pup <3


I like the Black Penguin Shape Pet Id Tag, it is so cute.

This is great, And the cute little heart tag is really beautiful
I like the Green Super Mario Bro's Mushroom. Perfect for our family friend Felix.

Thank you so much for the giveaway! The 1980s retro cassette tape tag might be the cutest thing I've ever seen. :)

amysweeps at gmail dot com

These tags are adorable!! I love the cupcake tags!!

Thanks for offering this giveaway! We have been looking for new tags for the girls and these are definitely their style! We especially like the leopard and zebra ones.


Cute tags! I'm signing up for your email..thanks!!

crluckystar at yahoo dot com

love it!
lusizova at

Oh so adorable! We have a little Cupcake pup and i have a feeling she might like that sweet little charm.

laurenjewel562 (at) gmail (dot) com

thank you.

Very cute, I loved the one I made for Zoey when she was a puppy!

Our dog, Odessa, loves her Happy Tags! We ordered one from your Etsy store last year. Great, unique and customizable pet ID tags.

:) I like your tags...very very cute. Hope my name gets picked!

I love the HAPPY TAG I bought for my maltese, BeBe. Thanks guys for the chance to win one!

Would love to win a tag for my 17-year-old Shih Tzu Abigail. I love my memorial Happy Tags for my angel girls Lexie and Sassy! Bekye & the little train wrecks

Love the happy tag I've received and can't wait to se the second I just ordered! Would love to win another!

Ohhh, need a new one -or two, or three! :)

I just love these tags!! Thanks for the giveaway and Best Wishes to all of you!!


Would love one for my pup, Shadow! Got him about 4 ½ months ago and still don't have him one. Fail. Lol thanks

We've had a horrible week, winning one of your adorable tags would surely bring a smile!! :) Tail Wags

We love the Happy Tags we have for both of our pets right now. Another would be great because we just might be adding another little furry family member sometime soon...

Izzy and Chloe Still love their happy tags!! But always in need of another fabulous matching tag for their many collars!

Nekata would love a new tag to add to her collection of Happy Tags!

I love your tags! So unique and cute! :)

We love Happy Tags! We'd love to be able to add another one to our collection! They get lots of compliments at the dog park!

I love my happy tags. It's adorable and I love how light weight it is. It's very unique, you won't find these anywhere else. A must have for all your pets. :)

I love your tag designs and the quality of them. I'm so excited to have a chance to win a free tag! My cat tends to lose her collars so this would be amazing to win! Thanks!

I've missed my Happy Tag since my puppy chewed hers up ='( Would love a new one for her!

My baby LOVES Happy Tags and so do I!

My great Dane would love a new tag :) he is jealous of his sisters

Attie misses her Barbie tag that she lost in our backyard! We would both love a new one!

I would love the red heart tag so that I could donate it to Have A Heart Rescue.

my puppy loves her happy tag!

nice!! it's so cute!!!!

Aw, thanks for doing a giveaway guys! I really love your pet id tags and would certainly love to win one! :) BTW - I really like your new Valentine designs! They are super cute! <3

We LOVE our Happy Tags ID Tag! Everywhere we go, people ask where we go it. And every time I tell them about you guys and give them your info so they can get their own! Miss Maisy would love another tag from you guys! Thank you for having this give-away!

I'm in love with this one: :) My kitty, Skye, would love it.

Happy Tags has the best, most colorful selection on Etsy! I purchased a pink tag for my dog Heidi. It goes great with her Lilly Pulitzer collar!

She just got a red bandana print collar for Christmas so it's time for us to get her a matching tag!

i'd love a new tag for my fur baby in celebration of her 5th birthday this month :)

These are so cute. My puppy would love a Happy Tag!


What a nice giveaway! I'd love something pretty and pink for our new service puppy in training, Rissie. :)

I would really love one for my 12 yr old Akita, Shasta, who actually has breast cancer.

Oh, neat! Elka doesn't have any "fun" tags on her collar, they're all identifying and legal-like.

Awesome way 2 get UR company name & product out 2 the masses by holding a contest with the prize being one of UR items. All kidding aside this is a great way to promote UR company & product. I would love 2 get a couple of the tags for my dogs Chewy & Snoopy. They both have really nice collars & I think the addition of UR tags would just complete them. Thank you for the opportunity to win one with this contest.

I think this is very nice information about the happy tags. This is a good way of getting free happy tags.

çakıl-my lady-will love this pink cupcake tag!!

I like the Hot Pink Heart Shape Leopard Pet ID Tag, it is so cute.

I love the pink heart shaped tag - so cute!

Great collection of tags.
Thanks for sharing.

My sweet little Zoey who is such a diva would love this

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