Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Animals Inside

Having a pet is similar to having a child, and as with a child we all have a responsibility to keep them safe.

This is why when a pet loving friend pointed out to me that I needed an Emergency sticker on my window in case of fire, that I immediately took action.  She pointed me to a web address online where I could get a Free Pet Safety Pack and I jumped on the internet and filled out the forms, a few days later a Pet Safety Pack arrived and now I have a lovely sticker on my front door window that says "ANIMALS INSIDE" In case of fire or emergency, I love it.  

In our busy lives sometimes it is hard to take time out and check for the important safety things that our loved ones will need in case of an emergency, I thank my sweet friend for pointing this out to me, and now I am sharing this important information with you.  

What is your emergency plan for your pet?  Do you have Fire or Emergency sticker placed on a window in the home?  

If not here is the link to the Free Pet Safety Pack:


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