Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Story of Booger

Once upon a time ... in the magical land of Slot Machines and Keno (Las Vegas) there was a homeless Dachshund walking around town.  On a chance encounter he met my Auntie Clara on  her way to Mass, she said to him "Go Away" but he happily trotted along side her wagging his tail.

On her way back home he followed her to her house, my uncle Ray who was an ornery old man said "what you got there" my aunt replied "This dog followed me to mass and back, I told him to go away but he will not" my uncle looked at the dog and said "Well you got yourself a Booger" and that was it Booger had a name and a home.

They loved Booger so much that when my sister & I met him his belly was almost dragging on the ground from his leftover Bacon diet.  My aunt would give him the scraps of all their meals, and when we went to dinner, there was always a doggy bag for Booger.

As time went by Booger got older and he past away, my Aunt had him cremated and later that summer while helping her with yard work, we held a little ceremony and we buried him by his favorite tree stump.

In honor BOOGER I have made the Booger tag, I think the green would have been perfect against his chocolate colored fur & It reminds me of a once sweet angel of a dog, hope you all like it!


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