Thursday, December 22, 2011

Live Cat Christmas Tree Ornament

Check out this adorable kitten, trying to enjoy a nap in the family Christmas Tree, if only that pesky human would go away.


so so so cute , i love cats ! This cat love's the christmass tree more than i do !

Lovely video. I havew never seen Pet Tube before. I must post some videos of mt pets in their dog clothes and with their pet accessories on there. I just use Youtube at present

Interesting video!!! Loved the idea..


First thing my new kitten did when she saw our tree was straight to the top, clear all the decoration and settle for the holidays. Maybe cat tree should be designed more like christmas trees.

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Very nice site cute video, Love the cats

Cats really do love christmas, thanks for this video very cool :)

Hi very nice video i like cats its so cute

HI nice video i like it thank you ....

Hi beautiful video very nice ....keep posting .....

so cute nice video........

so cute nice & beautiful video,we r love the cats....

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