Friday, December 30, 2011

Petfinders 2011 Most Unusual Adoptable Pet Names asked shelters and rescue groups to tell them the most wacky or unusual names for adoptable pets in their care this year! 

I would have to agree these are some unusual names but not all of these names are new to us, earlier this year we made a pet tag for a pup named Jimmy Chews and we were just delighted to see that the name made it to this list.

Here are Petfinders 2011 Most Unusual Pet Names:

2011's Most Unusual Adoptable-Pet Names

1. Dodgy Wodgy Schnookum Doodle
2. Polly Picklepuss
3. Sukimayapoo
4. Iben Hooked (pictured)
5. Blue Sparkles McGillicutty
6. Killer the Dog-Dominating Declawed Cat
7. Purr-etzle
8. Fluff Dog Millionaire
9. Jimmy Chews
10. Ishkabibble


My first dog was named "Poopsie". Thank you Mom!

Wow those names are ridiculous lol, Jimmy Chews isn't a bad one though.

Makes me wonder how many partners are happy calling out these names for recall when the dogs have gone bad. I am looking for baby names right now but dont think my wife will find any of them suitable!

№6 just super name... Ha Ha Ha! :)

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